St Martins School

St Martins School Second-Hand Uniform Shop is a service provided by the S’Mart Community for parents/caregivers to sell and purchase St Martins Second-Hand school uniforms.


Welcome to the St Martins School second hand uniform programme.

We'll be running sales approximately once a term in the school hall. Keep an eye on the school newsletter and Hero for dates and times.

NEXT SALE DATE:  MONDAY 26TH JUNE 8:30-9:30 in the hall.

Second hand uniforms always wanted!

If you wish to sell items, simply click on Submit Stock on the task bar to the left (or above on mobile phones), follow the instructions to register your items, label them clearly with your reference number and then drop them off at the school office to be included in upcoming sales.

Donated items don't need to be registered. Simply drop them at the office in a bag labeled as donated.

If you're looking to buy particular items, you can click on Stock Levels on the task bar to see what is in stock. Search on individual items to see different sizes and quantities in stock. Then come along to the sales to buy what you need.

Our second hand uniform sales are a great addition to the PTA fundraising efforts. The PTA makes all the money from donated items, less a small fee to use the Hand Me Round system. If we're selling items on your behalf, 25% of the sale price also goes to the PTA.

Second Hand uniform price list

Summer dress




Polo shirt


Polar fleece


Cargo pants


Girls skort


Senior jacket


House shirt


Bucket hat